What Are Aladdins Gold Progressive Jackpots?

Progressive jackpots refer to payouts that are always increasing every time the particular game or games offering them are being played, but not won (otherwise known as pooled jackpots). When the jackpot is won, then it resets to a certain amount (some have a minimum payout of $1 million).

Most Aladdin's Gold progressive jackpots feature in various games from video poker to slots, and even table games. Ever since introducing progressives, there have since been countless lucky winners who have had their lives changed completely.


Functioning of Progressives

Progressives are pooled either from wagers on one slot in a casino, or from a connection which includes the slots in other casinos - this is especially the case when the progressive is linked to a software developer like Microgaming which is most often the case. This is because software developers offer their games to countless online casinos around the globe. As a result, the balance can increase to a staggering amount - often several million dollars.

You should be aware, however, that not all the jackpots you'd encounter during your hunt in the iGaming industry are genuine. Therefore, if possible, take part in ones only advertised by an accredited betting establishment. Also, make sure any casino you play at is licensed.


Top Increasing Jackpot Games

The progressives at this site are not limited to slot machines and video pokers only. They also feature various gameplays of blackjack, roulette, among other casino plays. Therefore, keep an eye out since game titles are being updated from time-to-time to satisfy the different customers' preferences.

Some famous titles you might find while playing include:

  • Mega Moolah
  • Mega Fortune
  • Hall of Gods
  • Beach Life
  • Caribbean Stud Poker


Progressive Blackjack at Aladdin's Gold

Other than the additional non-compulsory side bet that gives you the opportunity to hit the growing jackpot, progressive blackjack is not so different from the game's conventional version.

You reach the jackpot when your hand comprises a certain combo of cards. Once you are served with a qualifying hand, the casino pays a section of the growing top prize pool out to you. Keep in mind that different versions contain varying qualifying hands.

The winner's prize can vary from various dollars to the total jackpot conditional to the various combinations of cards and the winning hand pay-table.


Qualifying for Aladdin's Gold Progressive Jackpots

You stand a chance of qualifying for these progressives if you bet the set minimum amount of credits daily. Also, you can win the top prize by achieving a combination with the highest payout. For instance, with the case of slots, landing five most valuable symbols consecutively or in a video poker game, a royal flush.

All bets, maximum or not, contribute towards Aladdin's Gold progressive jackpots which are definitely what you'd want to try out as they offer life-changing rewards! To increase your chances of winning you need to play more regularly, and perhaps avoid playing right after a progressive jackpot has been triggered.